A partnership approach delivering customised and cost effective project cargo solutions

The eighth and final shipment of wind turbines arrived in the Port of Newcastle in April, marking another key milestone towards the realisation of this ambitious logistics project. Seventy wind turbines were shipped to Newcastle from China between October 2016 and April 2017 and unloaded at the Port's Mayfield precinct. 

The turbines are being progressively transported around 500km from a storage area at the Port to the White Rock Wind Farm, near Glen Innes in the New England Tablelands, New South Wales.


The wind turbine blades are the largest to arrive in Australia to date, each measuring 59.5 metres in length. 70 wind turbines, which includes 210 blades, require storage and transportation to the project site. Each blade requires careful and precise transportation to and from the port.


Recognising an opportunity to partner and innovate, Port of Newcastle drove a collaborative process with key logistics service providers, including freight forwarders, stevedore and transport and heavy haulage companies to deliver efficiencies and cost savings for the cargo owner.

  • Port of Newcastle invested in reconfiguring the Port's internal roads to accommodate these oversized loads. The port road network is now well positioned to receive and handle similar size cargo in the future.
  • Storage of the wind turbines on port land near the berth allowed technicians to prepare the turbines for road transport as the project site was ready to receive them.
  • 700 oversize loads of turbine components will travel from Newcastle in total to the White Rock Wind Farm project site in Glen Innes, northern NSW. Rex Andrew's continues to work closely with RMS and the Police to plan the delivery of the cargo via the New England Highway.


This project consolidates Port of Newcastle's position as the port of choice, with demonstrated capabilities, for wind turbine imports servicing the multiple wind farm development located in New South Wales. 

"Construction of the White Rock wind farm is progressing well and the final shipment of wind turbines marks another exciting milestone for the White Rock Project. The Port of Newcastle's proximity to the site and the ability to store the cargo for after-hours transport when roads were quiet has been an asset to the project."


John Gardner, Vice President of Program Delivery

"Port of Newcastle provided timely and effective assistance in developing a customised logistics solution for Goldwind's wind turbine imports. This included bringing the required people and organisations to the planning table to ensure stakeholder needs were addressed and roles and responsibilities understood."

Alice Sun Nicolaisen

"Storing and transporting large over-sized equipment, such as 60 metre long wind turbine blades, would normally present a challenge for a port. Port of Newcastle has a good understanding of managing project cargo and was proactive in working to deliver optimal outcomes for all parties."

Warrick Andrews

"This project demonstrates Port of Newcastle's capability to import large and heavy cargoes for developments happening around New South Wales. With 200 hectares of vacant portside land and a shipping channel that is currently only 50% utilised, we are well placed to support more wind farm, property, rail and road developments across New South Wales."

Geoff Crowe, CEO